2022 Annual Praise Report

Our Anchor Holds

Letter from Nancy

From the early days of my childhood, I grew to know and love hymns and gospel songs—often singing every stanza and learning the deep, rich theology many of those hymns infused into my mind and heart. The hymns that are particularly beloved to me are those which are grounded in Scripture and deepen our understanding of the great themes of the Christian faith. They lead us to rejoice in His greatness, power, and glory; His saving grace and His eternal plan.

This ministry report is cause for celebration! Its pages are filled with stories of God’s goodness—of Heaven’s rule over the events of the past year. As you read of the victories God has granted and the lives that have been impacted in the process, may you delight in knowing that your partnership is a vital part of the song God is writing in and through this ministry.

The Revive Our Hearts team and I look forward to the new ministry year as we help women thrive in Christ in these challenging days. Thank you for your prayers and financial support toward that end.

Joining you in the everlasting song,

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Our Anchor Still Holds

Our message is the same today as it has been for more than twenty years. The need for women to experience freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ will never expire.

Broadcasting / Podcasting

Revive Our Hearts produces a steady stream of audio content to anchor women to God’s Word in every season of their lives.

Podcast Listens

Six years ago, Revive Our Hearts podcasts had 11 million measurable digital listens. Throughout the last year, there were over 73 million measurable digital listens—and even more via sharing.

Daily Releases

Revive Our Hearts, Seeking Him, and Aviva Nuestros Corazones combined daily programs aired 2,375 times on 1,298 unique outlets each day.


In addition to our anchor daily program, the Podcast Family continued to produce fresh, biblical content with 52 new episodes each of Revive Our Hearts Weekend and Grounded, as well as four seasons of the True Girl podcast, three seasons of The Deep Well with Erin Davis, and bimonthly episodes from Expect Something Beautiful with Laura Booz.


The Revive Our Hearts Podcast Family aims to provide rich, biblical teaching for women in every season of life. From little girls to silver-haired saints, our desire is to remind listeners that “our hope springs eternal . . . Christ is our hope in life and death!”


This new videocast, podcast, and social media outreach is led by Dannah Gresh along with Staci Rudolph and a team of young women. True You equips teen girls with foundational biblical truth.


  • Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
    45 million digital listens (projected) in ’22, in addition to radio listeners
  • Revive Our Hearts Weekend, hosted by Dannah Gresh
    Now airing on 171 outlets, up from 129 outlets in 2021
  • Seeking Him with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
    2.3 million listens this past year
  • Grounded with Portia Collins, Erin Davis, and Dannah Gresh
    652,000 listens to the podcast (plus YouTube and Facebook views)
  • Women of the Bible, hosted by Erin Davis
    263,000 listens
  • The Deep Well with Erin Davis
    291,000 listens
  • Expect Something Beautiful with Laura Booz
    116,000 listens
  • True Girl, hosted by Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph
    6 new seasons since launch

Growth at a Glance

Revive Our hearts Digital Listens

ROH Weekend outlets

Seeking Him Listens

Grounded PODCAST Listens

New REVIVE Our Hearts Programs

Women of the Bible Listens

The Deep Well Listens

Expect Something Beautiful Listens

New Seasons of True Girl

Print Resources

Women are bombarded with media and content that draws their focus outward and inward. Every resource we create at Revive Our Hearts is designed to point their eyes upward to Christ.

Heaven Rules

Nancy’s latest book now available from Moody Publishers.
Take courage. Take comfort.
Our God is in control.

A Place of Quiet Rest Journal

Experience thirty days of cultivating your daily devotional life by listening and responding to God’s Word. Now updated and rereleased!


Ten Ordinary Women Who Impacted Their World for Christ

A compilation of original biographical sketches of ten Christian women who made a difference by walking with and working for Jesus. We plan to release volume 2 in 2023.

Facing Our Fears:

Finding Him Faithful

Adapted from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book Surrender, this booklet includes fresh content featuring Scriptures to pray when feeling afraid.

Let's Go to Church

A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Lord’s Day Services and Encouraging Your Spiritual Leaders

A refresher course on how to love and serve the local church and its leaders—just in time for Pastor Appreciation Month in October. Offered in bulk to equip local churches.

2023 Heaven Rules Wall Calendar

Photographs taken by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and quotes from her latest book provide a beautiful, daily reminder that God is in control.

Event Ministry

Sharing God’s Word in Person and Online

Nearly five thousand women gathered in Indianapolis in September for True Woman ’22: Heaven Rules.

 Here are just a few highlights:

  • A preconference on gender and sexuality
  • Word-centered messages from 20+ speakers including 28 breakouts
  • 38,000 women joined via livestream from 62 countries
  • The conference was livestreamed in three languages simultaneously: English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • More than 350 teenagers attended the True You Teen Track
  • Friday evening’s Cry Out! prayer gathering with worship led by
    Shane & Shane
  • Stirring testimonies and videos including Colleen Chao who is battling terminal cancer and “Samuel’s Story

This was the best True Woman Conference ever. It was completely and utterly fixated on heaven and the glory of God. —“Jean”

With more than 470,000 words in the English language, there seems to be none adequate to describe the blessing we experienced at True Woman ’22 in Indianapolis! —“Maria”

True Woman ’22 was my first Revive Our Hearts event in person, and my fourteen-year-old daughter went with me. Our hearts are full. The highlight was that my daughter committed her heart to Christ on her knees while she was there. Hallelujah! In my daughter’s words: “Now He is not the God of my parents anymore, but MY God.” All glory to Christ forever and ever, amen.

— “Jackie,” True Woman ’22 attendee

Because of Your Support


Shannan’s Story

When Shannan arrived at this year’s True Woman Conference, her mind was distracted.

I am a pastor’s wife, and I came to the conference exhausted and spent much of the time stressing. I struggled to sit still for long periods of time and felt like I wasn’t connecting with the teaching. “Lord, please help me listen,” I prayed—but still I felt nothing.

On the plane ride home, Shannan pulled out a book that she had been given at the conference. As she read the first chapter, something inside her broke.

I knew I had been trying to solve all my problems in my own strength. I confessed to the Lord right there on the plane, and as the tears finally came, I sent myself this text: “It’s going to be different from here. Remember who is on your side. Remember that you have no reason to fear. Listen and pursue the Lord like nothing else in life matters.

God spoke to Shannan’s heart in His perfect timing. Still, she had no idea how much she was about to need the message that “Heaven rules.”

My husband came to pick me up at the airport. He got out of the car, nearly collapsed onto me, and told me I needed to drive. The situation escalated quickly, and my husband started asking me to call 911.

It’s in moments like these that the faithfulness and promises of God hold us fast. That’s what happened to Shannan after her husband was transported via ambulance to the nearest hospital.

I looked up and saw the dry erase board on the wall. I remembered the story [from the conference] of a husband writing “Heaven rules” on the board of the hospital room where his wife delivered their stillborn son and knew God was with us.


I write to share this story because I know countless hours of preparation, organization, study, and prayer went into making this conference happen. The Lord was faithful to use every little bit to prepare me for what was ahead of me. He used the weekend to call me back to His side. He refreshed my heart and restored my joy.

Shannan was equipped with resources exactly when she needed them—resources that you have made possible through your partnership with this ministry. Because of your support, Shannan not only survived her difficult circumstances—God revived her heart in the midst of them.

Thank you for making it possible for this ministry to help women build their lives on the solid rock of Christ.

Digital Platforms

Women are searching for answers and having their thinking shaped by what they see online. Through our expanding digital presence, God allowed us to reach many women with the message of freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.

Social Media Followers

30-Day Challenges Accepted

Programs Ready to Share


The Revive Our Hearts podcast is now available on YouTube, reaching an expanded audience.


We’ve launched a dedicated website for our German outreach, Belebe unsere Herzen.


A comprehensive digital library, including almost 1,500 full length teaching programs from Nancy has been compiled into a shareable Google Drive, to serve new language groups wanting to share ROH content.



We released several Christ-exalting videos, including “Samuel’s Story,” a testimony of hope in the midst of infant loss. 


Producing and publishing content for various channels requires the efforts of multiple departments: social media, content, marketing, video, and design. Over the past year, the design team created graphics for over 600 podcast episodes, 260 emails, and over 100 blog posts.

Expanding Our App Capabilities

Social Media

I can’t wait to try this. I have never read a Bible before. —“Celia,” upon discovering the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge

Through Instagram reels and Facebook posts, YouTube uploads and podcast links, Revive Our Hearts social media channels engaged hundreds of thou- sands of women and encouraged them to pursue a deeper walk with the Lord.


With the launch of the teen ministry True You, TikTok has been added to the Revive Our Hearts roster. Through their social media accounts and videocast, True You is creating an online community that equips young women with God’s Word and encourages them to stand firm for biblical truth.


In the past six years, Revive Our Hearts social media channels have grown from 300,000 to 1.1 million followers! YouTube remains the fastest growing channel, followed by Instagram and Facebook.

Global Expansion

Women across the globe are experiencing hope and freedom through the rapidly-expanding international outreaches of Revive Our Hearts.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
Let the earth hear His voice
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
Let the people rejoice
Oh come to the Father
Through Jesus the Son,
And give Him the glory
Great things He has done!1


Aviva Nuestros Corazones (ANC) is making an impact through four Spanish podcasts (including a new podcast for moms) and a weekly videocast.

You have changed my life! Your resources and teachings are like fresh water for me. You are my constant companion. I praise God for you. I have been led to fast and pray for your ministry. God bless you! ANC podcast listener


In Brazil, a team is translating and recording Nancy’s full length teaching podcasts and Seeking Him podcasts into Portuguese. In India, a team is translating the Seeking Him podcast into Tamil.


In celebration of 6 years of ministry, ROH South Africa held a Bible Read-A-Thon June 10–12, reading the entire Bible out loud in 72 hours and 26 languages.


More than 160 Revive Our Hearts episodes have been translated into Farsi.


Réveille Nos Coeurs (ROH French) completed a study on Lies Women Believe with women from 10 countries. They have also translated and released many ROH podcasts in French.


Belebe unsere Herzen (ROH German) launched their website this year. They will be translating True Woman ’22 messages to share at various events. A team is translating booklets in Lithuania, and they are in the process of launching Seeking Him on the radio.


1 Crosby, Fanny. “To God Be the Glory”, 1875

Equipping Leaders

Revive Our Hearts is walking alongside local church women’s ministry leaders to help women thrive in Christ.

How blessed we are to have the Revive Our Hearts resources to provide teaching for us, like the Deborah study, the Leader Connection, the countless messages, podcasts, articles, etc., on the website! Thank you, Revive Our Hearts! — “Sue,” women’s ministry leader


The Side by Side e-newsletter equips women’s ministry leaders, pastors’ wives, and Ambassadors with practical resources and trustworthy biblical content.


Our Life-Giving Leaders online training in August, hosted by Leslie Bennett and Shannon Popkin, was the highest attended Revive Our Hearts event of its kind, with more than 850 leaders in attendance. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth along with special guests Dr. Crawford Loritts, Susan Hunt, and Karen Hodge taught about life-giving leadership.

Thank you so much for helping me to recharge and refresh and refocus so that I can serve my local church family well! — “Laura,” webinar attendee


The recently refreshed Event Toolkit assists leaders in hosting quality events or small group studies in their churches. This practical resource includes timeless biblical content to choose from, customizable schedules, themes, and more.


52 Ambassadors are serving pastors’ wives and women’s ministry leaders in 24 states and 8 countries.

Reaching the Next Generation

I will sing about the LORD’s faithful love forever;
I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations. —Psalm 89:1


After True Woman ’22, Revive Our Hearts hosted a Sisters in Ministry gathering. Twenty-five speakers and authors met with Nancy and other ROH leaders for a powerful time of encouragement and iron sharpening iron.

A New Ministry for Teen Girls!

True You aims to help girls between the ages of thirteen and nineteen hold fast to Jesus.

Staci Rudolph, one of the voices behind True You, shares why this endeavor is needed for such a time as this.

Q: True You is the newest member of the Revive Our Hearts family! Will you tell us about it?

A: True You is geared toward teens aged 13–19 with the mission of equipping them with a biblical lens for today’s trending topics. We don’t want to stray away from those topics or avoid them because they’re controversial. Our goal is to illuminate them with the truth of God’s word and equip young women to do so as well.

Q: Why do teen girls need this message now?

A: Today’s culture presents truth as an ever-changing idea. We’re told that it’s different for each person, and therefore, there is no right or wrong when it comes to living our lives. This leaves individuals, especially teenagers who are still forming their personal views, extremely confused and easily persuaded into various ideals and beliefs. Our culture needs to hear that there is absolute truth and it’s found in the Word of God. We want teen girls to know that God cares about the way they live their lives, has a purpose for them individually, and desires to see them live anchored in the freedom of His truth, not the confusion of the world.

Q: What are you praying that God will do through True You?

A: That God will reveal Himself to teens in a special way. The world is constantly telling us that the Bible is obsolete, sexist, outdated, etc. I want teens to experience His Word as the living, life-giving truth that it is. I want them to grow in an intimate relationship with God that extends past youth groups and the mandatory practices their parents put in place for them. Those are great and necessary things, but I hope that through True You they learn to seek the Lord on their own and rest in a personal, thriving relationship with Him.

A Growing Team Eager to Serve

As the scope of the ministry expands, gifted team members who love and live the mission are needed. We are grateful to report that in the last year, the Lord has filled many necessary roles within the Revive Our Hearts family. Meet some of our new staff.



Ministry Services Representative



Executive Assistant



Operations Assistant



Digital & Media Content Assistant



Director of Donor Development



Podcast & Media Assistant



Podcast and Audio Manager



Ministry Representative

Staffing Needs

As God continues to expand the ministry, we are asking Him to provide
gifted servants to fill positions such as:

  • International Director
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Video Producer
  • ANC Donor Representative
  • Writing and editorial support
  • Design support
  • Social media support

Family Favorites

The truth-filled lyrics of many classic hymns and gospel songs testify to the Lord’s faithfulness and covenant love. We asked several of our staff to share their favorite hymn:

2023 and Beyond

Looking ahead to 2023, Revive Our Hearts seeks to reach more women with the life-transforming truth of the gospel—women like Gladys from Venezuela who has been listening to the Aviva Nuestros Corazones podcast:

I began to know my Savior and to see everything He has done for me that I did not deserve—His grace, His forgiveness. God has been transforming my heart with His Word. He has taught me to embrace the beauty of the gospel and God’s design for me as a woman and as His servant—for His glory.

Here’s a look at some initatives we’re planning for the next year:


After five years of journaling through the Bible, Nancy will soon finish the book of Revelation. Throughout 2023, she will be editing the commentary and other notes for the CSB devotional study Bible she is producing in partnership with LifeWay Bibles.



The Aviva Nuestros Corazones team is preparing for the Mujer Verdadera ’23 conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, March 31–April 1, 2023. We expect this event to sell out shortly with 8,000 women representing dozens of different countries.


Six years ago, ROH content could be found in English and Spanish. Today we have teams working in 15+ languages. Additional language groups just now emerging include Armenian, Japanese, and low German.


In partnership with the Far East Broadcasting Company, 260 half-hour podcasts of Nancy’s teaching are being produced and distributed in Vietnam.

Income & Expenses

The ministry of Revive Our Hearts is made possible through the generosity of those who give. From farmers in Idaho to stay-at-home moms in Mississippi, single women in Texas to newlyweds in the Dominican Republic, through individuals and families around the globe, God is using gifts large and small to help women flourish. That’s why every dollar given is carefully stewarded and prayerfully invested.

Fiscal Year 2022 Income:
$9.65 Million*




Resource Sales



*Net income provides funding for additional outreaches as well as satisfying a board-mandated reserve.

Financial report reflects June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022

How We Invested
in What God is Doing

We aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of man. —2 Corinthians 8:21 ESV



Direct Outreach


Administration & Operation


Fundraising & Partner Develpoment